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Rejection letters

As you progress through your writer journey you will certainly come across a few rejection letters. At first, they can be disappointing. After all, you did just slave away for days, weeks, or longer on this project. The market for stories is a complicated and saturated place. There is no shortage of talented writers fighting for the same spots that you are.

I say, don’t let them get you down too much. It sort of becomes part of the game. Sometimes they can feel a bit impersonal and detached, which is the standard rejection letter. They probably send those out in masses, which is unfortunate, but they don’t always have the time to write personal feedback for every story.

The next level of rejection letters are a bit more personal. Sometimes the editor will tell you that your story had some really good qualities and that you were in the final round but didn’t quite squeeze through. Those are rather encouraging to upcoming writers.

The final level of rejection letter is the one with personal feedback from the editor. This is the rarest form of rejection in the business, but when you do get it, it’s the nicest thing. They often tell you your strengths and your weaknesses. If you’re lucky, you’ll walk away with a different outlook on your piece and be able to improve your craft.

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