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Newsletter 8/1/23

TWB is back!!!

The rumors are true, our podcast The Writers Block is back. Our new episode Boxcar blues is available on all major podcast platforms. Fellow author Shaun Nigro and I have a long conversation about the craft of writing and our upcoming projects. After the conversation we have a completely improvised story.

An upcoming interview

On August 2nd at 8:00 pm EST I'm going to be featured on Book talk on Booktok. It's a live conversation style interview with author Rick Treon. Follow me on tiktok so you'll know when we go live.

Upcoming projects: In the near future I will be releasing two books. A collection of horror stories called The Rejected Ones and a comedy novella called Damn Ernie. I don't have an exact release date at the moment, but I do have the summaries of both books I can share with you.

Damn Ernie: Ernie, a war veteran, finds himself trapped in a nursing home against his will. Determined to escape, he employs a series of humorous pranks and malicious jokes to try and get kicked out. However, the staff and residents are unprepared for his antics, leading to a hilarious and unpredictable journey.

The Rejected Ones: Over the course of my decade-long writing career, I've crafted numerous tales that failed to find a home within the finicky short story market. However, that doesn't mean these gems are without merit. Sometimes a particular trend or style simply passes me by. In fact, I've rounded up ten intriguing tales that never quite fit in elsewhere - and they all make up a peculiar collection I like to call "The Rejected Ones."

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