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Newsletter 4/28/24

The two conventions, (Bangor & Portland) are the two big events of the year for us. This was the Portland one. It started off a bit slow for us, we weren't exactly thrilled with the placement of our table. The thing is, when it comes to conventions like this, location is everything. Our table wasn't on the floor with the other creators like us, but rather in the hallway upstairs, which proved to be the lesser traffic area. The two days didn't go as well as we'd hoped. Day three was when everything turned around. We got the majority of our sales on Sunday.

It was great to see the familiar faces of the other vendors, which is after all a small community. As far as people we know outside of the community, we saw a few. 

Monique (my better half) entered a Mario kart competition. She didn't win the major prize, but had some fun playing. She also had a great time meeting and talking with some of the celebrities. Susanna Malak (The Mandalorian), Joey Fatone (N'sync), Allen Covert (Grandma's Boy) and a few others.

Intentionally I released my latest book "A girl named Mishka" at this event. 

Author Shaun Nigro and I have a couple more events coming in May. 

We will be in Caribou Maine on May 11th at The Maine Bean & Tea. 

We will also be at the Maker Fair in Farmington on May 18th. 

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