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Newsletter 3/1/24

Last month I put out my first children's book, available on Amazon.

Synopsis: Will Decker dreams of winning a trophy like his brother, but wonders if he has what it takes. When he discovers a pie eating contest, he decides to give it a shot. With determination and a little luck, Will wins the contest and earns his own trophy. Join Will on his fun and exciting adventure towards achieving his goal.

Last night Monique, Pete and I went to see comedian Tom Segura in the Cross Insurance Arena. We had a great time. I love watching standup comedy. If you ever get a chance to see your favorite comedians live, you absolutely should. It's a very different experience than watching it on Netflix. 

Home Sweet Horror is now available on Amazon. It's a collection of short horror that contains one of my stories called Nae Salang, Nae Agmong (My love my nightmare). 

Synopsis: In your home, you feel comfortable, at But what happens when your home isn't safe? What if your home turns out to be your personal hell? The things that go bump in the night really are in the closet and under your bed. Ghosts whisper in your ears, appear in mirrors, leave you feeling unhinged. What's lurking beyond when you unlock your front door?

CHILLING TALES FOR DARK NIGHTS. If you're not familiar with that podcast, it's a horror fiction podcast. Well, they're going to do a story of mine called Quiet Desperation. I don't have a release date on that yet. 

The film stuff: I have finished my part of writing Jason in Indianapolis. As far as I know, they're still set to start filming in April. During my down time I took on another film project called Simon Says written by Josh Peddicord. My part in this has only been adapting the short story into a script, which I've already done. I don't have much information on that at the moment.

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