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Newsletter 3/30/24

A girl named Mishka

Mishka is a young girl whose father is a powerful Russian mafia boss. After her mother's death, which is rumored to be at the hands of her father, Mishka escapes to America and pursues her dream of modeling. However, her dream is soon stolen when she's kidnapped by a crazed truck driver. In the midst of her turmoil, Mishka must find the courage to keep moving forward and to not let her past define her.By the time the next newsletter comes out, this book should be available. We've been working hard to have it released before the next con. 


Bad Spirits Anthology

A five-star Icelandic restaurant specializing in mythical creature cuisine faces devastation when the creatures being served decide to fight back. A first time home-seller attempts to put her family house on the market and move on with her life, but first has to confront the lingering spirit of her own father. A young boy discovers an angel beneath his house, only to learn that not all angels come from heaven. A young woman brims with excitement to help raise her new niece, but soon has to confront the chilling reality that this baby may not be of this world. These are just a few of the terrifying tales featured in Bad Spirits.

This debut collection from CVF Publishing was edited by Clay Vermulm and Tori V. Rainn and seeks to explore unique supernatural horror with an emphasis towards newly emerging horror authors. Available on Amazon. This anthology contains my story Quiet Desperation!

Chatterboxx Productions

This production company has picked up a short story of mine called "March of the dead." The release date of this audio adaptation is yet to be released. Also, one of the cool things about this is that I get to play the voice of one of the zombies. I don't do much voice acting stuff, but this was an opportunity I couldn't turn down. 

Maine Comic & Toy Con

April 19th-21st Fellow writer Shaun Nigro and I will have a table at Maine Comic & Toy Con at the Portland Cross Insurance Arena. We will be there selling our books, talking to potential readers and having a good time with other authors and vendors. If you've got nothing going on that weekends, drop in and say hello. There's a lot more to see than just us. I'm also trying to have my next book "A girl named Mishka" available by then. I'd like to have a handful of them at our table. 

8Sparks Media

Our media company, the one we use to do our podcasts and other various projects is now on Pateron. You can join as a free member and there are links to all sorts of our projects for free. Also, there are some paid options also, which allow discounts on our books, shout outs on our podcasts, early access to some of our content and other cool stuff. The memberships are affordable, be sure to check it out.

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