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Newsletter 12/5/22

Dear reader

Thanks for coming along with me on this wild journey. I've never done a newsletter before and wonder what I should talk about. Well, I suppose I'll talk about my latest publication. I've published a short story called Snowblind in the anthology above. It's a paranormal horror story about a woman named Meelah (named after my cat) who returns to a ski resort where she barely escaped the clutches of a serial killer. For fifteen years she's been haunted by her close encounter with this nefarious man named Chris. I don't want to say too much more because then I'd be spoiling the story. You can find this anthology on Amazon or Kindle.

Recently we have received the audio for this anthology as well, so it should be available on Audible in a few weeks.

As for upcoming projects, I have a couple. I sold a short story called Quiet Desperation, which will be featured in an anthology called Bad Spirits. Right now we haven't nailed down an exact release date.

Another story I wrote called Nae Salang, Nae Agmong, will be featured in an anthology called Home Sweet Horror in the distant future, release date still unknown.

I have been reading my way through the You series by Caroline Kepnes. There is a popular series on Netflix based on the books, which is just as captivating as the books themselves.

Thanks for your ongoing support

- Clarence Carter

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