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Newsletter 12/2/23

Small business popup at the Bangor Mall

On Nov 25th fellow author and podcast host Shaun Nigro and I shared a table at the Bangor Mall. Across the aisle from us was author Duane Coffill (a friend of ours) so we had fun. Admittedly, this wasn't the most popular event we've done, but I was grateful for the opportunity. The space we had in the mall was off the beaten path and I don't think this event was advertised as well as it could have been. A lot of people who were walking by were either confused by what we were doing or seemed afraid to come in. This event was two hours away for us, so we didn't see a lot of familiar faces. Also, the space we were in was very cold. Auburn Mall Collectibles Show On Dec 2nd, Shaun and I had our 8sparks table setup at the Auburn Mall. For those of you who don't know what 8sparks Media is, it's difficult to explain. It's basically an umbrella company we use to cover our various projects like our books, podcasts, 3D printing etc. With the hometown advantage, we saw some familiar faces. We had more foot traffic at this event. It was put on by a store called R Card and they were great. They fed us, checked in on us periodically and even bought some of our books. Working these types of events is harder than it looks. At the end of one of these things, I'm exhausted. Sometimes they can be fun, but they're a lot of work. When I say we're grateful to see familiar faces, believe me. A big portion of us sitting behind the table is us saying hello to strangers over and over and getting ignored. When we do get their attention, we have to make a compelling pitch that will knock their socks off. So, when we see someone we know and get to engage with, it's great. Upcoming: There's a lot going on in our small world. We're coming into the new year and with that we're doing the next season of our podcast The Writers Block. We're also releasing more short stories on our secondary podcast 8sparks stories. On Dec 9th we will be selling our books at the VFW on Minot Ave. It's a craft fair, which is a little different from our usual events, but it could turn out amazing. On Dec 16th we will be doing a meet and greet and possibly a live podcast at Nerdcore is in the Auburn Mall. Although it's still a couple of months out (February), we're making some final edits and tweaks to an anthology that I'm featured in called Bad Spirits. I recently got a glimpse of the new cover and it looks awesome. My story is called Quiet Desperation. It's about a man whose lost everything and has turned to robbing graves until he encounters the Mothman.

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