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Newsletter 10/31/23

Lewiston Comic & Toy fest

My first convention was only a weekend before Bangor., which is much bigger. I found out about this one through another author Duane Coffill. Unfortunately, I didn’t find out until about two days prior to the event. At the last minute, I swept in, bought a table, and set up quickly. Also, unfortunately, I forgot my tablecloth and other décor. I forgot it. As I said before, it fell into my lap last minute. As far as sales go, I didn’t do well at this event. I think I sold four books, which didn’t even cover the cost of the table. Truthfully, I didn’t sign up for either of these events with the intention of making money. Writing isn’t about money for me, it’s about telling good stories and connecting with readers. I also did it in part for the exposure. Bangor Comic & Toy Con We (my wife and I) had the great experience of being vendors at Bangor Comic & Toy Con. For three days we sat behind our table and sold my books to wonderful people, some of whom were dressed in creative and interesting cosplay. I’m always impressed by the ingenuity of people when it comes to their costumes. Having only worked at one convention prior, I wasn’t prepared for the volume of people that attended. The process of pitching my books a thousand times was interesting and difficult. I’m grateful that some of my friends and family made the long trip to come see us. Bangor is about two hours away from home. It was nice to see some familiar faces in the sea of people. Trust me, after sleeping on those terrible hotel beds, those familiar smiles were welcome. A lot of people wanted to know how we did. Well, the answer isn’t simple. As far as sales go, we paid for the table. However, we didn’t meet the cost for the hotel and food. Speaking of food, I wish I knew more about the restaurant scene in Bangor before we went up there because we ate out quite a bit and didn’t really know where to go. We tried a few places and weren’t blown away. One of the greatest parts of this trip was talking to the other authors there. It isn’t often that I get to talk shop with other writers in my genre. The before mentioned Duane Coffill was also in Bangor as was the author Josh Marsella, whom I’d never met before. Duane and his wife invited us out to dinner. We went to Applebee’s and had a good time. There were celebrities at this convention, which I believe was my wife’s favorite part. She’s more into pop culture than I am. Two cast members from Sons of Anarchy were there. Theo Rossi “Juice” and Emilio Rivera “Marcus Alvarez”. Also, the actor DJ Qualls was there, who graciously took a picture with my wife. There were others there too, but I don’t remember most of their names. As I said, I’m not that deep into pop culture. My experience with the celebs wasn’t all that exciting. I said hello and spoke to them briefly, but I didn’t know what to talk about.

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