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The Blacktop Kings Review - The book commentary

Liza Sanderson is a snarky and rebellious high school student who has had a little too much to drink at her friend Izzy’s house party. With graduation just around the corner, the two, along with Garcia, Sandman, and Red, have been preparing for the upcoming BMX competition in Lexington, Kentucky. The group of five call themselves The Blacktop Kings and spend most of their time practicing because they don't want to end up making blunders as they did at the last competition. Things take a surprisingly painful turn when a classmate with unspeakable secrets becomes an obstacle on their path to success. On the other hand, Liza has her own secret that she thinks she has to share with the group but fears they might start seeing her differently if she did. With drama, anxiety, and a rush of emotions taking over, will the group be able to hold it together and win the BMX competition, and garner sponsors?

The Blacktop Kings by Clarence Carter is a novel filled with suspense and drama, and a perfect read for YA fans who revel in stories peppered with high school drama. While the younger audience will find many events and characters to be relatable, older audiences will also find details to reminisce over their teenage days gone by. Even with all the high school drama, thrill, and adventures, this book provides an exciting reading experience, with a focus on themes of friendship and loyalty deftly written. The story of young adults, despite growing up in a rough part of town, finding something they love to earn success is sure to inspire younger audiences everywhere. The novel is a breezy read, prodigiously imaginative, and psychologically compelling. Clarence Carter’s characters feel like some of those we met in high school; sophisticated and real.

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