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Newsletter 3/3/23

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Rebranding my novels

Recently I've embarked on a journey to create a new image for my books. Above are two examples of the new covers. There are still two more on the way. Currently, the wonderful folks at are working on one for my collection of short stories Shadows & Keyholes. As I've reached a new height in my writing career, I've noticed that my covers are not quite what I want them to be. That doesn't mean they aren't good, but they are not up to par with the genres they're in. I've also made a valiant effort to rewrite all of the summaries as well (with a little assistance from AI). Updates: During my last newsletter I said there'd be an interview with Grendel Press. That's available now, as are the pre-orders for the Paramnesia anthology. In case you've forgotten or didn't know, they're featuring a story of mine called Without You. Without you is about a woman and her son who are traveling on a train. Many bizarre things happen on this journey, including an uncomfortable interaction with a ticket man and sightings of a masked man who frightens poor Areum and her son Sung-ho. More updates: Since the last newsletter I've received the edits for my short story Nae Salang, Nae Agmong (My love my nightmare) which will be featured in an upcoming anthology called Home Sweet Horror, published by Black Ink Fiction. I hadn't read it in a long time before receiving the edits and when I did, I couldn't help remembering an old writing anecdote. They claim you sound like the writers you read most. Well, to me anyway, that story reads like a Dean Koontz piece. Until next time readers - Clarence Carter

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