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Newsletter 12/29/23

Bad Spirits

For some of you, you've listened to me ramble on about this anthology for two years now. That's right, TWO YEARS. Bad Spirits is going to be released in early February. It's the first anthology from Clay Vermulm Publishing (CVM) and features my story Quiet Desperation. It's a story about a man who has lost everything, but will stop at nothing to keep a roof over his daughters head. When I originally read the submission guidelines for this anthology, I knew I had to submit something. Thankfully I already had that story written. I didn't expect them to accept it, if we're being honest. I had stories that were (in my opinion anyway) better that were getting rejected frequently at that time. I am grateful that it found a home and I've read it after the editor polished it up and it really sings.

Home Sweet Horror

Another story of mine called Nae Salang Nae Agmong (My love My Nightmare) will be published in an anthology called Home Sweet Horror by Black Ink Fiction. We don't have a firm release date yet. That story follows a writer who's given up everything to write his first successful novel. What he doesn't know about the girl next door could cost him his life. 


Fellow author and podcaster Shaun Nigro and I plan on hitting the road once again in 2024. We already have a handful of events, signings, live podcasts and readings lined up. Some of these events we'll be doing together under our publishing company 8Sparks Media, some of which we'll be doing alone. For our local friends, this means a handful of events at the Auburn Mall. We also intend on having tables at both of the Comic & Toy Conventions (Portland and Bangor). I'm sure more will pop up as we progress through the year, keep an eye on our social media for updates. 

Other releases

As far as books go, I have plans on releasing two in 2024. I have a children's book I plan on releasing earlier in the year, illustrated by the very talented Kristy Hatch. I also have a Young Adult novel called Without Saying Goodbye that's currently out with a handful of agents. If it doesn't get picked up within the first six to eight months, I plan on releasing it on my own as I've done with my others. So, that could be coming out later in the year. 

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